day 44 – saturday

Since I’ll be leaving a day early next week (last week of working!), I’m making up my hours today. Today is the first day after our workshops finished.

We are looking over the teachers’ worlds these next few days and uploading them to our website and also putting our worlds and tutorials up there. Some of the teachers’ codes are very complicated but others are very impressive. We are going through the worlds, noticing what the teachers included (or did not) and later we will look more extensively and give feedback.

day 43 – friday

Today is the last day of our workshop! I had a great time, and it was awesome to see how much the teachers learned over the course of two weeks.

We gave the teacher a post test and then had them present their lesson plans for the rest of the day.

The teachers created an Alice world to thank us – it was very nice!

day 42 – thursday

The teachers spent the morning finishing up their worlds.

During lunch, I took a couple of teachers to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

In the afternoon, the some of the teachers presented their lesson plans – some of them are really impressive!

day 41 – wednesday

Professor Rodger had to give a talk in Greensboro so Samantha, Yossra and I are in charge for today until lunch. We went over the Changing Camera Views tutorial and they seemed to get it pretty well. All lot of the problems deal setting up the scene and positioning the objects.

Then for the rest of the day, we worked on teacher lesson plans. A lot of them are still having trouble with the fade in and fade out, as well as understanding camera views and dummy objects.

Tomorrow we start presenting lesson plans!!!

day 40 – tuesday

Majority of the day was spent on lesson plans. We did the Repetition Everywhere tutorial and most of the teachers were able to do them by themselves.

We also took the teachers to the Duke DiVE thing – the immersive virtual reality world. I also got a chance to experience it for myself it was pretty cool!

Some of the teachers are having trouble understanding the camera views and different scenes and knowing how to tie all the different pieces together. In addition, some of them are having trouble understanding how to move from scene to scene and how moving a character in one scene will affect his or her movements in the next scene if it is moving.


day 39 – monday

In the morning, Professor Richard Lucic came and talked to the teachers about VCL and how they can use that to have teachers access Alice on their phones or tablets. Kathy Menchaca, the program director, is also here this week to help out.

Yossra taught the teachers the BDE tutorial and most of them seemed to understand how the while event works.

I also taught the Simple Quiz tutorial and the teachers had quite some difficulty with it. I think a big part was that I forgot a slide in the beginning, and also some of the teachers are still having difficulty navigating Alice and knowing where the methods and functions are. I also had to do some improvising – the teachers wanted to create while loops for the second and third question and there were some minor bugs in our code. But I printed out the code and we can add it to our website later for the teachers to see.

At lunch I demoed my Photosynthesis world and Collision Tutorial.

In the afternoon, we let the teachers start working on their their lesson plans. Some of the teachers want to create lesson plans for science classes and finance worlds that they asked for help with. One of the teachers is creating a world dealing with independent and dependent variables, but has some trouble with creating the user input. But I’ve been helping her. Another teacher is creating a world for a Red Riding Hood story, and is having difficulty with camera views. I’m excited to see their final products.