day 29 – friday

I spent the majority of my day writing out the PowerPoint/PDF tutorial for my tutorial on constantly checking for collisions. I have put the world and the PowerPoint onto my workspace on the website and I will have someone look over the world.

We met with Professor Rodger today, she is back from her trip to California/Sweden. We told her what we have been up to this week and got feedback on our worlds. I got feedback on my collisions world, and I will work on editing it next year.

Additionally, next week we are all going to discuss our study and what we want to include, and have it ready for the workshop next next week. We will also do some more workshop prep.

day 28 – thursday

Today, I finished the tutorial for checking for collisions constantly and it works and everything. I am currently creating the PowerPoint/PDF tutorial for the world.

I did another part of my video tutorial, and I just have one more part, and I’ll be done with it and have my peers look over it. I’ve already done this tutorial before, so the script is pretty decent, it’s just a matter of zooming in specific parts so that the users can focus on a certain part of Alice.


day 27 – wednesday

The main project that I worked on today was figuring out a tutorial for one of the concepts that a teacher had requested at our follow-up workshop. He asked if we could create a tutorials to constantly check for collisions. I created my world, but I am still finalizing the touches. When I am done, I will get one of my peers to look over it and then create a Powerpoint for it.

Additionally, I am brainstorming a new demo that can be used repeatedly, instead of just hard coding numbers.

Samantha also brought in her Educational Psychology textbook and I hope to look at it, so I can create better assessments for students.

day 26 – tuesday

I worked on more assessments that students can do when they have completed the tutorials. As of right now, I have more challenge exercises (have students complete the code so that the world works) than multiple choice type assessments. They are also mostly general, but I want to have some focused on specific topics, so that students can really practice one skill at a time, instead of reviewing everything from the tutorial.

Additionally, I worked on the video tutorials – I am redoing the How Tall Are You tutorial because the screen was too small. I think that this newer version is much bigger and viewers will get to see a bigger version of the screen. I hope to put those on YouTube later this week.

I am also looking to work on more demos and tutorials. I would like to create one where you can constantly check if the characters are colliding with one another.

day 25 – monday

I wrote up summaries for the two papers that I read and posted them on this blog. This week is mainly working on more stuff that we want to accomplish this summer (demos, more tutorials, video tutorials, working on assessments). I did some more work on the assessments, this time, only covering a couple of topics so that the students can focus their attention on one aspect of Alice.

In addition, I am working on updating the website. I am putting the teacher lesson plans onto the website, however, I do not have permission to add folders and so I will need to figure out how to get permission, or ask Professor Rodger to create folders for me. I looked over the PHP and it seems to be pretty easy to add new content – it is just a matter of getting the links to link to the lesson plans and their worlds.