day 24 – friday

Today, I spent most of the day finishing up stuff from the workshop. I worked on my assessment. I have a PowerPoint with questions about some basic things that you can do in Alice, like moving objects and creating methods. This way, teachers can choose to go over the answer as a class, and the answers for the questions are found on the bottom in the Notes section.

I also started to read some more papers – I read two more papers that Professor Rodger recommended and will write up the summaries later.

Next week, I plan to work on some of the video tutorials. I have scripts written for two of them, so I’ll just record them next week and work on scripts for more videos.

day 23 – thursday

Today was the last day of our follow-up workshop. In the morning, while the teachers finished up working on their lesson plans, I went and edited the PHP for the Alice website and fixed up some stuff there.

I started creating multiple choice assessments for the tutorials, which students can complete after they work on a tutorial. I also finished up a challenge-type assessment for students to work on after they go through the beginner tutorials. It is an Alice world with missing parts and students have to complete the world for it work properly. This way the students can interactively practice the skills they learned in Alice.

While the teachers took their post-test, we had a meeting to discuss what we would be doing for the next couple of weeks since we have some time before our next workshop.

After lunch, teachers presented their lesson plans and we filled out evaluations for each other. I’m actually very impressed by some of the things that they presented and I know that their students will have a good time working with Alice.

day 22 – wednesday

Most of the teachers are progressing well on their lesson plans. Several of them seem very excited about it. I helped with some of them, and reminded them of the tutorials that we have on our website.

Today, I finished up editing all the tutorials and the challenges, so all of them are updated. The main things that changed are just the character names and their parts. There were a few edits in the Harry Potter challenge that I changed to clarify the instructions.

Some of the teachers expressed ways of wanting to be able to assess their students’ knowledge on Alice, so I started creating exercises and challenges that students can complete after they go through our beginner tutorials. This way, the teachers can see how their students are understanding the material and reinforce the concepts that they learned in the tutorial. I am currently creating a PowerPoint guide to go along with the assessment. It’s a pretty simple one and follows very closely to the tutorials.

Tomorrow is the last day of the follow-up workshop – teachers will present their lesson plans and what they have been working. I’m excited to see what they have done this week!

day 21 – tuesday

Our second day of the workshop was much like the first day. We first went around and had the teachers explain what they worked on yesterday and then we let them work on more tutorials and activities.

I worked on editing more of the tutorials and re-saving them as PDFs and then updating the website. It’s not that hard, but is pretty time consuming. Hopefully we will have these done by the end of the week. During lunch, I gave a demo on my photosynthesis world.

I hope to start on another world during this workshop – hopefully based on feedback from the teachers. One of the teachers expressed interest in learning how to turn numbers into strings and so we gave her the handout that Samantha was working on. I also went through the world to make sure that everything made sense and edited it.

Another thing that I would like to work on is making my related rates world output random distances and times. I hope to use some of the techniques on Samantha’s tutorial to do so.

day 20 – monday

Today was our first day of the workshops – there are six teachers taking this follow-up workshop. Most of the teachers are from NC, but aren’t local. It’s interesting to hear what some of the teachers have been doing.

It was a pretty laid-back day. We first introduced ourselves, and then the teachers presented some of their students’ work and described to us what they have been doing with Alice and some of the issues that they have been encountering. Afterwards, we let them loose to work on their projects. Some worked on tutorials, some started learning Alice 3 and Looking Glass, and some started on their lesson plans. Some of them still wanted a review of Alice, but since this is a follow-up workshop, we can’t do all the tutorials again. I helped some of them work on the tutorials.

While they were working, I finished up reading a paper and wrote up a summary for it. Then I started working on editing the tutorials with some errors. I also got my SSH stuff working! I asked one of the IT analysts and he was able to quickly solve my problem.