day 19 – friday

Today, I received feedback from Professor Rodger about my video tutorials and I am working on editing them and zooming in on the screen captures so that the text is bigger.

I am also working on finishing a paper that I started earlier this week and writing the summary for that.

Professor Rodger came to talk to us about logistics for next week and make sure that we are prepared and have something to share at the workshop. I have two worlds that I can demo. I also told Professor Rodger about some of the difficulties and bugs that I was experiencing.

As for my mounting issue, I emailed the tech support about my issue and they suggested using a VPN client, however, I am still unable to connect. Hopefully, I will have this ready by the time we need to update our website.


day 18 – thursday

I spent most of my morning trying to get MacFusion to work. It still says Authentication has failed. For now, I guess I’ll just share things via email.

Today, I completed a video tutorial for the How Tall Are You tutorial. I sent it to my peers to get some feedback on it. Below are the links to all three parts.




I hope to work on some more video tutorials once I am finished writing the scripts for them.

Yossra finished her demo and had me look over it, but when I downloaded her world it kept on crashing. It might be too big of a world, but we’re still trying to figure it out. We also took our head shots for the website. I can’t believe that the workshops start next week!

day 17 – wednesday

Today, I worked a little more on my demos and figured out to make them into challenges. I opted out of creating tutorials for them because the tools that I used had already been covered (If/Else statements, and creating quizzes and asking for user input). However, I can include a tutorial on using counters since my photosynthesis world uses a counters to know when to move onto the next set of commands.

As a group, we started discussing ideas for our study. We are thinking about collecting data on the teacher worlds from the workshops and seeing what they have mastered in the challenges as well what tools they implemented in their own worlds. We also discussed including a survey. Since it is going to be hard to get this data at our follow-up workshop next week, we decided to further plan it once we get closer to our beginner workshops.

Professor Rodger also checked in with us and gave us some tips on how to do PDF tutorials and maximizing the space so that the users can read everything on the slides. I want to create a paper-tutorial but I need to come up with a tutorial first. Maybe after getting feedback from teachers next week, I can create a tutorial based on what they want to learn more about.

I also tried to set up my account and get a folder on our shared site, but it kept on saying that my authentication failed. Tomorrow, I will probably ask Professor Rodger if there is a way to fix this. I spent a majority of my afternoon trying to figure this out – the rest of the group didn’t know what to do as well.

day 16 – tuesday

Today, I did a test video for the How Tall Are You tutorial. Professor Rodger and I went over the video in the afternoon and she provided some feedback. The main thing is making sure that speak into the microphone so that my voice is loud enough. The link to the test is below:

After Professor Rodger gave me some advice, I edited my script for the tutorial and wrote down more things to include in my video. For the test, I did a lot of improvising, but that was pretty difficult. Therefore, I wrote up a word-by-word script that I hope to complete later this week.

I started reading some more papers and I’m working on the summaries. This week is pretty chill since we are just prepping for our workshop next week. I edited my related rates worlds more, adding in the time and miles traveled for that the students will know how much time has elapsed. I might create a paper tutorial for one of the worlds that I created.

day 15 – monday

This morning, I read two of Professor Rodger’s papers that she published and wrote up summaries for it. I liked the one where they discussed findings on their study that they conducted at a day camp for students. It was nice to read about work done with students. Also, it was interesting to see how far the study has progressed since these were some of her earlier papers.

I also looked at some of the video tutorials and planned one for the “How Tall Are You” tutorial. Samantha did a test tutorial for the Princess and Dragon one and got feedback from Professor Rodger. The advice was very helpful and tomorrow I plan to play around with Camtasia for a little bit and make my own video tutorial for one of the Alice worlds. Yossra did a paper tutorial for the revised Humvee and Astronaut world and I looked over it, and offered her my suggestions.

Next week is our first workshop, and I am working on prepping for it – finalizing my worlds and also thinking of some ideas for studies that we can do.