day 14 – friday

Today I worked on my world some more. I created transitions between each scene, and added a final scene to conclude the story.

We also talked to Professor Rodger about the paper that we read. It was interesting to hear the opinions of my peers and I thought that they had some good points. Whereas most of the papers we read are more summaries of studies, this paper was more of a research paper. I hope to see the results of their future plans.

I started reading some of Professor Rodger’s papers that she recommended and am in the process of writing up the summaries for them.

Next week, we are preparing for our workshop and I’m pretty excited. I will start to do some video tutorials so that they will be ready for the workshops.

day 13 – thursday

Today, I completed the CITI “History and Ethical Principles” module. Since the research project involves human subjects (we are surveying teachers), we have to take an online course so that we can get certified to do research with human subjects. I’m excited to start teaching teachers in a couple of weeks at our workshops!

Afterwards, I worked on my Alice world. There are some bugs in the world, that I’m still trying to figure out. But I added some visual aspects to my world. I also talked to my peers about some suggestions and helped them with some of the issues they were encountering with their worlds. I’m also working on making the methods in my world simpler. Once I am satisfied with my world, I will try to recreate it, but using fewer commands.


day 12 – wednesday

In the morning, I read the paper that we all decided to read and will discuss hopefully sometime this week. It was about computational thinking and assessing, which is interesting, but I’m not exactly sure how it will relate to Alice since there isn’t a way we can assess computational thinking with Alice. But I still found the article to be interesting.

We also had a graduate student come in to talk to us, which was nice, but I found the topic to be a little confusing since I didn’t have much knowledge on the subject. However, I still enjoy the weekly talks and seeing what else there is to do in the technical field.

After lunch, I worked on my related rates world. I have finished the basic outline, and I have some final touches to add to my world. Once I get all the parts working, I’ll work on making it interactive and work on randomizing the numbers, so that students can play the world multiple times.

day 11 – tuesday

Today I started the coding aspect my related rates world. It’s taking a lot of time because unlike my photosynthesis world, there is a lot of moving characters and vehicles around.

Today, we talked with Professor Rodger and got feedback on the worlds that we have been working on. Right now, I have just created interactive worlds but I need to somehow incorporate programming for students to work on. Also, I am working on making my photosynthesis world code simpler since currently there are a bunch of If/Else statements embedded in one another.

With my related rates worlds, I am just working on getting through the whole story and making sure everything works. Then I will work on randomizing the numbers and rates that are included in the world so that when students play the worlds again, they won’t have the same questions. However, I think the first step is just completing the world.

Additionally I read a paper and wrote a summary on it. We also decided on a paper for all of us to read, which we will discuss with Professor Rodger hopefully tomorrow.

day 10 – monday

Today I made some changes to my photosynthesis world and now it’s completed! At present, I believe that it’s a good tool to differentiate between the reactants and products of the process, but students could easily replicate the world so that they learn how to program too. This world uses If/Else statements and also uses a counter in it.

Afterwards, I read a couple of papers that I found in ACM’s Digital Library and wrote summaries for them. I saw that Professor recommended some other papers and I will read those later this week.

I also started creating a new world that incorporates programming with math, and more specifically, proportions. The user must answer questions on related rates to get a person to work. This person travels by car, bike, and foot due to some unfortunate events and thus, his rate will change as the story progresses. I finished setting up the world and now I am working on coding it.